Kiriman :I Gusti Ketut Sudhana (Dosen FSP ISI Denpasar)

Abstract: Man's sound is the oldest medium throughout the world music development history. Before various forms and types of music instrument, sound has been used by human being for a long lime. This short article attempts to provide information about Genggong, one of music genres played by sucking as primary expressing medium. This type of music develops in Batuan Village, Gianyar Bali. The primary focus of this writing is trying to see the uniqueness of Genggong music. In addition, for the sake of this writing, it also conduct a direct observation on Genggong show in Batuan Village and interview with Genggong artist/ figures. One of Genggong music uniqueness is on the technique of playing it by vibrating or sucking. Genggong is accompanied by such other instruments as kendang krumpungan, two pieces of flute, cengceng ricik, and other percussion instruments.

Key Words: Genggong, vibrating and sucking.

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