Peranan Art Therapy pada Psikologis Anak – Anak

Peranan Art Therapy pada Psikologis Anak – Anak

Kiriman : Luluk Mukhita Lailatul isnaini (Mahasiswa Pascasarjana Program Studi Seni ISI Denpasar)


Coloring or doodling for adults are also becomes a way to escape from the everyday stresses. It is not surprising if the coloring activity for adults is often labeled as an art therapy, because it has a calming effect and helps to relieve the adverse effects of stress. Coloring and the other form of art expression could give a calling effect for some people or even therapeutic, however there are some important elements which are distinguishing between art as therapy (therapeutic art) with art therapy or art therapy. The main difference between a therapeutic art with an art therapy is that art activities has the psychotherapeutic element in it.

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